Well hello there

So where to start? Most people start at the beginning but I think I’m going to start with the present, after all the blog is called the everpresent, and it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity.

So what am I hoping to achieve with this blog?

Well besides an insatiable need to constantly write, a creative mind that whirrs and ticks constantly, a keen awareness that writing a book is far too much like hard work, I truly believe that I have something of value to share and so I’m going to give it my best shot.

So what can you expect? Musings about mindfulness, meditation and personal growth for sure although you can bet your grandma’s last pound that they come with a massive dollop of reality and ordinariness. I’m definitely not a fan of the frilly, airy fairy horse sheeeet that goes along with all of that spiritual stuff.

There’s going to be some of my nonsense poems; there will be songs from me and my band; business, management and leadership discussion; branding; social media; some brave (failed) attempts at creative photography; maybe some silly doodles; philosophical ponderings; definitely some rock and roll hero worship and a healthy dose of humour to make sure things don’t ever get too serious.

So who am I? I’m a forty something husband and father of two girls, Managing Director of two clothing businesses, band member, writer (songs/poems/books/blogs), philosopher and someone just generally trying to make his way through life the best way he can and hoping to leave it as a better man and the world in some small way a better place. I’m a dreamer you see.

I¬†experienced depression and anxiety at a very young age and it set me on the path of self discovery and on an unfaltering mission to find peace of mind and to want to feel comfortable in my own skin. You know what I think I’m really getting there too.

Would you be decent enough to share this? Jolly good.

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