The Magic Of Qi Gong

I entered the Qi Gong class feeling crabby and uptight after an irrelevant but nevertheless irritating exchange in the office that morning. My head and heart weren’t really in it but the ritual and discipline of attending the class pushed me on and I began the class anyway.

I was heavily distracted and unable to concentrate and after just five minutes I began wishing the hour long class would end.

The class is situated on the second floor of a building that looks out onto other apartment blocks, and on this particular occasion a young couple were cleaning their apartment and I was nosily distracted by them. Every time I tried to focus on the practice, out of the corner of my eye I could see them moving and I just couldn’t concentrate.

I pushed on somehow but felt defeated and bad tempered. I followed the teacher’s movements and managed to allow my breathing to settle a little, but thoughts of my altercation earlier that day played round and round in my head.

The teacher took us through some cleansing moves and she talked about being like a tree, rooted deep and strong in the ground and reaching up tall and proud towards the sky. I felt my breathing deepen and I relaxed into the practice.

It was only a matter of minutes later that I realised all my negativity and troubling thoughts had gone, totally. I felt clear and free and relaxed and a feeling of love and warmth enveloped me inside. I started to think of the fraught conversation I’d had earlier that day and rather than the hateful, defensive thinking that troubled me previously, I now felt just love and kindness for the situation and the person, and the spontaneous thought to message them later and offer a loving olive branch appeared and made me smile.

My day changed from that point on, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the class and barely noticed the couple across the road as they continued cleaning. I doubt I would have been as successful at shifting my mood without the incredible energy shifting that Qi Gong works with. Cynics will argue it as coincidence and I get that unless you had experienced this shift for yourself it might sound airy fairy.

All I know is how it worked for me.

Would you be decent enough to share this? Jolly good.

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