Showing Up

Eighty percent of life is showing up – Woody Allen

That’s all you need to do. Show up. Each and every day, just show up.

Somedays you will be inspired. Somedays you will need inspiration. 

Somedays you will be tired and weary, other days you will be filled with energy and motivation. 

It doesn’t really matter, so long as you are there. Fully. You have to be there fully and the only way to do that is to totally accept without judgement the particular state or experience that is right in front of you.

So be tired but accept that tiredness without resistance or judgement, just be tired.

Angry? Be that anger fully. Accept it, feel it. Don’t push it away. Don’t try and change it.

Happy? Be fully with that joy. Don’t cling to it and try to preserve it. Just allow it. 

Just showing up isn’t a passive experience of life. It’s the very opposite. It’s living fully. It’s totally immersive.

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