Life Is Too Short

Life is too short just may be the oldest, most overused and yet ineffective cliche of all time.

We all say it. We all say it a lot.

Usually we say it after we experience or hear of difficult or sad events. We use it as a way to motivate ourselves to then go and make the most of our lives – knowing just how uncertain and limited our time on this planet is.

But then we quickly forget. We revert back to our ordinary lives and much of the impact and intent of having said those four words when we did fades away until the next time.

But if life is too short is correct, there may not be a next time.

We need to try to extend our lives and ensure that we don’t ever feel that ‘life is too short’ by filling our days with good stuff, or by accepting and allowing that bad stuff happens now and again and that it must do so in order for there to be good stuff to experience.

We shorten our lives when we approach life on auto pilot, when we are mindless or lacking in the present moment awareness that transcends the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary.

A life lived fully never feels too short. A life wasted always will.

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