Finding Your Way Everyday

There are no rules. There’s no path. You don’t need to find your purpose before you can start to finally live.

Don’t read too many books, attend too many seminars. Don’t believe those people that tell you they are enlightened. Don’t believe there is even enlightenment. All of that just adds weight and concepts to strive towards, taking you away from this moment.

This moment.

This NOW.

How is it? Is there tiredness? Anger? Irritation? Joy? Warmth? Cold? Impatience? Just be aware of it, without judgement. Don’t push it away, don’t try and hold on to it. That, if anything, is your path, your purpose, your enlightenment. This moment, then this moment, now this moment.

All the rest of it is just more mind stuff, more concepts, precedents, ideas, instructions. It’s more to compare ourselves to, more to feel inadequate about and none of it is real – they are just ideas and although ideas can be very powerful, they aren’t real.

This moment.

This moment.

This moment.


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