The Road To Nowhere

When Talking Heads sang ‘we’re on a road to nowhere’ back in the 1980’s, everyone danced along merrily.

Since then lead singer David Byrne has galvanised his place in rock history but also proven his metal with regards to enlightening the human condition. Turns out when he sang those words back in the day, he actually meant it.

What if he’s right and there is no ‘destination’?

What if those people who say that it’s all about the journey are right?

What if you reach your destination and it still isn’t enough?

There is only one way that I know to beat the ‘what ifs’ and that is to try and remain as present as possible as often as possible.

Of course there can be no destination. It’s like chasing after the horizon.

But what is this elusive present that is so often talked about? Is it even possible to be present? Isn’t the ‘now’ gone, now, gone again, now, gone again?

I believe that the challenge is that being present appears to be in direct conflict with the busy, busy monkey mind – always swinging from thought to thought, chasing endless desires and ideas.

There appears to be very little in the present moment to satisfy the needs of the mind. It thinks it is boring.

Sitting is boring, it thinks. Listening to the sound of the birds is boring, it thinks..

The mind wants results, outcomes and progress. It wants control.

It’s ironic that surrendering entirely to the present moment achieves the best results, outcomes and the highest progress, just not in the way the mind would want it.

Surrendering control actually gives you ultimate control. When you have less attachment to results and outcomes then you are more flexible and open to whatever is actually happening and you are in a better to position to not only see it more clearly, but to ultimately appreciate it.

We can then experience creation rather than reaction. When we react to the world, it is based on our past experience and our future desires. When we create the world, it is because we see what is happening with clarity and then choose how we create our response to it.

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