about the everpresent

The Everpresent is a site written by me, Rik Arron.

Let’s just face it – life is pretty weird.

We appear briefly on this planet, hurtling through the Universe at great speed, 7 billion plus individuals and everyone of us facing the same existential problems – whether we are accepting them or not.

What the flip are we doing here?

The Everpresent is a place to share our existence, all aspects of it. The good, the bad and the fugly.

It is a place for Mindfulness. Meditation. Humour. Music. Books. Films. Philosophy. Honesty. Fun. Vulnerability. Personal Growth. Personal Angst. Ordinariness.

If we can help each other make our time on this planet a little bit better and a little bit easier then at the very least we will have made some small difference, and when it comes down to it I believe that is what we came here for.



Would you be decent enough to share this? Jolly good.

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